We are a software
engineering firm
rooted in productivity

We believe productivity is the key to delivering high quality engineering output. With this core value, we help tech and non-tech companies design and ship efficient software in a reasonably short amount of time.

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We design, architect and write cloud based web and mobile applications for enterprises, SMBs and startups.

Our Story

In mid 2018, Utkarsh and Animesh started Betaflux with just a handful of clients working with them on their product engineering.

They worked as a unit to understand the business requirement, designing a simple and effective solution to tackle the problem and building the frontend and backend for the software.

They worked with different companies from travel and financial sectors keeping productivity at it’s peak and engineering output at it’s finest.


When their ongoing commitments had them working almost 18 hours a day, they went out looking for a smart full stack javascript engineer who could scale Betaflux’s engineering output without compromising quality of the software they were delivering.

They were thrilled and scared at the same time - now that they had hired a good engineer, the revenues + growth had to be consistent.

It didn’t take long for these early Betafluxers to realise that productivity is the key to deliver great work and avoid burnout. Additionally they also started investing their time heavily on improving their engineering process.

With consistency and persistence came new opportunities. The team expanded from 3 to 4 then to 6, 8, 10+ members within a few quarters and continues to grow on this trajectory.

The 2020 pandemic forced our team to start working remotely. This not only improved our productivity but also gave us better control of our work prorities and personal lives.

Soon after, we decided to introduce a ‘work from anywhere’ policy where Betafluxers could either work from office, home or anywhere else they feel productive and mindful.

We now work with lower levels of stress, a better clarity of thought - delivering great value to our clients and living more fulfilled lives.


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